Sacramento Pass and Delta

Larry is right.  For being the shortest actual mileage day it feels like the very longest day.  By day 4 we are all very tired and sore and the roads on day 4 are long and straight.  We started the day climbing up to Sacramento Pass where we all write names with chalk on the road to honor those we love who have dealt with cancer.  I have written a few of the same names each year and sadly a few new names this year too.  In a way, writing these names is akin to what we all do on Memorial Day when taking flowers to graves.  To my Uncle Steve and my dear friends Mike and Brian, I have not forgotten you.  I remember the good times we had at the cabin, working through out staffing forecast issues at the call center, and the rides in Moab and St. George.

After the stop at the border we started across the first of the long straight roads.  The wind there was not anywhere near as bad as last year but as soon as we turned north it seemed like we had wind in our faces from every possible direction.  We stuck together in a tight group and kept going.

In general every day group bike rides I’d say its rare to see people give up their individual quests for Strava records or high wattage outputs or speed records to help another rider, yet I saw this take place many times throughout the ride.  There are some big guys in the group who can put out a ton of power and many times I saw them ride for a long time up front to break the wind for the rest of the group.  There were lots of backward glances to make sure everyone was still in the group.

At long last we arrived in Delta and enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the park, celebrating Jason’s birthday and the 50th wedding anniversary of Brian’s parents Ray and Karen.  Today we will rest and prepare for the final 140 miles of this journey.

Thank you again to all our support crew!  It was a long haul into Delta and they kept tabs on us every few miles to make sure we were ok.

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  1. Todd Rasmussen says:

    You guys and gal are the best! Often times the support teams ( your family and friends) following behind the ride doesn’t get the proper recognition by all of us. Please share with them a big THANK YOU as we know it’s tough on them. See you all on Saturday. Stay Safe!

    Todd Rasmussen
    Riverton, Utah

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