Day 3 – Eureka to … The other side of the wind farm after Connor Pass

I completely agree with Jason.  What a great day to be alive! A great day to ride up and over 5 mountain passes.  It was cool this morning but sunny.  According to our weather apps it was actually very close to the same temperature it was the previous day at Cold Springs but the sun made all the difference.  Winds were relatively gentle today, compared to yesterday and compared to this same day last year.  Last year it was practically a hurricane when we got to Ely and we all had to pep talk ourselves into leaving the McDonalds parking lot after lunch.  There was some wind today but it wasn’t as bad as I remember it being last year.

Our support crews have been amazing and wonderful.  As we are riding they get out of their cars and cheer us on and shout encouragement to us.  As soon as we get to a stopping point they are ready and waiting to fill up bottles and provide food.  While most of us have a dedicated support vehicle (driven by a loved one who has also taken time off work and given up time with family to support each of us on this ride), all the support crews help everyone.  Anything anyone has in their car is offered if someone else needs it.  Thank you to all the support drivers.  There is no way we could do this ride without you.

Unless of course, we change the format of the ride to loaded touring.  Since we left Reno we have actually seen quite a few people riding our same route, some in the same direction, some going the opposite way, riding bikes with packs on both sides, front and back.  What these people are doing makes me feel like a huge sissy! All I am doing is riding with a few snacks in my back pocket.  These people are riding cross country with ALL their stuff ON their bikes.  We met a young guy today at the bottom of Connor Pass who was traveling from San Francisco to Boston.  We had a good chat with him and wished him luck. (For the record I am not suggesting that we start doing loaded touring.  Support crew, please keep doing what you are doing.  You are wonderful!)

I read on the Huntsman 140 website tonight that the participants of the H140 ride, coming up on Saturday, have raised $311,000 for cancer research at Huntsman.  The goal set by the organizing committee for this year’s ride was $300,000 and already, with 2 days still left go to, that goal has been surpassed.  Just a few years ago, Jeff was doing this ride solo and a few years after that, it was a Bountiful Mazda club event, and now it has evolved into an event that raises a heck of a lot of money that will be used to fund cancer research.  Jeff, what an amazing and wonderful legacy you have created.  Your ride is now a major fund raising event for Huntsman and the research that these funds provides has the potential for worldwide impact.  Thank you for your perseverance and dedication in creating this ride, and thank you for inviting me to join you.

Thank you to everyone who has sent encouraging words to me, through the blog and through the FB page.  It really does help, when the roads get long and the saddle gets hard, to know that friends and family and loved ones are cheering us on from afar.

Tomorrow is the day where we will all pay special tribute to those we know whose lives have been impacted by cancer.  Second probably to rolling into the Huntsman Cancer Center parking lot to our waiting families, this time tomorrow is probably the most precious of this entire ride.  And the weather forecast says it will be warm.  Another great day to be alive!!

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  1. Jhudman says:

    You are awesome and doin something the rest of us can’t or won’t. It is easy to support you from afar!

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