Day 1 – Reno to Cold Springs

Once again I am thankful and honored to join this wonderful group.  It was so nice to see the familiar faces of our Ride from Reno family again this morning.

Three years ago when I was invited to come along for the first time, I wasn’t sure I belonged.  At the time, I had only lost one close friend to cancer.  Shortly after I committed to do the ride, my Uncle Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was gone 7 short days later.  That marked the beginning of my dedication and commitment to contribute what I can do to support research for cures.

Since the ride last year a dear friend of mine lost his battle with colon cancer.  I have always thought that this ride would be something Brian would love to do – only I’m sure he’d suggest that we do loaded touring instead of having support cars 🙂  This year instead of reading about my adventures on this ride here on this blog, I like to think that Brian is observing from a higher plane.  The effects of the disease, and the treatments for it, were a heavy burden for him, and I like to think that he is carrying on with all the things he loved to do, on the other side.

Some good cycling karma came our way today!  With strong winds at our back for most of the day, the miles seemed to fly by.  With the wind and of course the guys to help me, I surpassed my previous record time for a 40K, and managed to be completely spun out on the flat, doing 30+ mph for several miles, several different times during the ride!

Toward the end of the day, I was riding side-by-side with Jeff when a truck and big horse trailer came our way and whished past us.  As it passed, we got sprinkled with…wet stuff that felt like water only in my heart of hearts I know it probably was not water.  At least not water in its original state.  ha ha ha!

Tomorrow I will ride another day!  Another ride, where I will not only draw courage from the names of people on the list in my jersey pocked, but a ride where I hope I will provide some hope and courage to others too.  There are a lot of people I know, right now, who are facing much tougher roads ahead than I am.  My roads may have wind and hills, but they do not involve chemo or radiation treatments that might mean the difference between living and dying.  Fred, tomorrow’s ride is for you!

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4 Responses to Day 1 – Reno to Cold Springs

  1. Diana Keating says:

    Hail Mary………
    Thinking about you Darcie and this courageous journey you and your fellow team cyclists/bikers are taking on!!

  2. Way to go, Darc! You amaze me, it is like I am there with you. Keep moving forward! 🙂

  3. Todd Handy says:

    You inspire me! What a great day on the bike for you! How ’bout another one today?

  4. Jhudman says:

    Can I just say, “ewww.” We are getting rain tonight. So glad you missed the majority of it!

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