Support Can be Beautiful


No, this is not a reply to Jason’s post about his “moobs”.

What does it take to get 12 riders from Reno to Salt Lake City?  This year it takes 11 support staff to make sure it happens.  Our loved ones are on their bikes riding their hearts out, and we are here supporting them every mile of the way.  I joked that I was going to go drive 20 mph across Nevada for my vacation, which is exactly what we do….sometimes.   And sometimes we go faster to get around them to wait for them to arrive at the top of a mountain.  We fill bottles, check on food levels, cheer them on, offer a hug, share a moment, share a tear, nag them about drinking more, we play requested music loudly at the top of a pass, then we close our cars and drive to the next spot to do it all over again.  Oh yes, we also take a lost of pictures!

There is nothing like this experience and the opportunity to be a part of it is priceless.  This is my second year as support, and while some of the riders are different from last year, it didn’t take long to welcome them into the family.

Here’s the shout out to our supporting cast:

Jim and Nikki – (Jeff’s dad and sister) supporting Jeff and Joe.

JoAnn (Todd’s Mom) supporting Todd

Chandler and Chelsea (Jason’s daughter and her friend) supporting Jason and Larry

Ray and Karen (Brians’s Mom and Dad) supporting Brian and Ravell

Marian (Dan’s wife) supporting Dan

Vickie (Rich’s wife) supporting Rich

Scott (Mike’s son-in-law) supporting Mike and Scotty

Yours Truly supporting Darcie

Now, truth be told, it doesn’t matter who we came with, we support everyone.  What you have in your car is fair game if someone wants or needs it.

Just a couple of pics from me tonight….what it looks like waiting, and then when it looks like when everyone is there together.  Just like our cyclists, we start and end our days together!


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2 Responses to Support Can be Beautiful

  1. Lisa Molle says:

    Yay supporters!!! You’re all in our thoughts too this week!!!!

  2. Don Leslie says:

    As you know, they can’t do this ride without your support. So while you are not doing the riding, you are an absolute essential part of the ride. Thanks for your willingness to take a week off from work to assist with this. It does NOT go unnoticed!

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