On the road again! (almost)

Last year I was too nervous to write anything on the night before the ride. Maybe I am a bit nervous this year too.  There are a lot of miles and a lot of hills between here and home but I am excited for the journey to begin.  It is a very humbling experience to do this ride – to join together with a group of old friends and new friends, as Jason said in earlier post, in support of an ambition greater than our own.  For this week we will all ride with a common goal – ride to raise funds for cancer research.

This year I added 21 names to my honor list, which is far too many friends and family members and loved ones who have suffered in some way due to cancer.  I am so thankful to be able to participate in this ride!  Thanks to everyone who is supporting me both here and from home!

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2 Responses to On the road again! (almost)

  1. Amy Vernon says:

    Thinking of you. Know you can do this. Be safe.

  2. Janae says:

    Just read a story in the tribune about one of my kids’s teachers that has two kids with brain tumors, one has died, and his wife died of cancer. Amazing how many it touches. So proud of you and your passion.

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