Day one Reno to Cold Springs

Rubbing my hands over my face and cheeks – feels like sand paper. Salt crystals from sweat and dirt and sand from 30 MPH winds held in place by sun tan lotion and that’s what you have – sand paper. Trying to wash it off and you flush your eyes with salt water! Take a shower and the deep brown sun tan on the legs ends up as a layer of dirt in the shower pan. Such is the life of a cyclist.

After 137 miles and 5800 ft of climbing averaging 21.1 MPH and you can see we had plenty of help from the wind today. Good thing as I needed all the help I could get. I’m slower on the climbs this year than last but the legs are feeling acceptable to night. I thank all those who gave me encouragement and at times shelter from the wind. A special thanks to Rich from Big Basin Bicycles in Reno who encouraged me and helped me (as well as many others) on a number of occasions. Today we saw many times people lending a helping hand and under some pretty sad situations (see Jason’s blog).

If you know someone suffering with cancer – make their day and give them a visit. It does make a difference, just like someone pulling around in front of you on the bike and leaving a draft for you to ride in. It may not seem like much but it COUNTS!

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  1. Mike Nelson says:


    I hope Jason is OK. Nikki texted us about it. Hope all is well. You are one strong horse. Just another day in paradise, right? Be safe and strong.

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