Day 4 Sacramento Pass to Delta


Day 4 is in the bag – at least my legs think so, but my Garmin says “no history for today”, so I guess I just lounged around in a support car. It’s a bit frustrating because today I decided to push my limits and see what would happen. I worked hard on the two major climbs, spend a lot of time with my nose in the side wind and dropped off a couple of times to help someone who was a little slower. I did well on the first climb to catch Ravell just at the top but see Todd off in the distance. The second climb I summited all by myself. But losing a few stats is of little consequence – I have had several offers to take me back to the start of the day and do it again, think I will pass.

The ride is about fund raising for cancer, not bagging King of the Mountain points. This point is brought home on top of Sacramento pass. This pass is a hard 6 mile climb from where we started this morning and is a fitting place to stop and honor those who have lost their battle, in the middle of their battle or who have put cancer in its place and walk away free. Lots of chalk went on the road at the top giving long lists of people we honor. I did something a little different this year. I brought along a bottle and we put names in the bottle and placed in on the hill above the road cut under a pile of rocks. The spot catches early morning sun and has a commanding view of the mountain in the distance. We place the names of 96 people in the bottle. I pan to come back next year and add more names to the bottle. It would be great if someday I could come and not have new names to add. That would mean we are making real progress against cancer. With your help we can [translated that means donate now].

Two weeks ago tomorrow I was able to trash the crutches I had used for three months while my broken leg healed. I put on my biking kit, hobbled to the garage, put on my biking shoes, got on the bike and took off. As a lesson from my struggle with cancer I was determined to do what ever I could to get ready for the ride then see what the Lord would bring. The hard work and prayers (of many) have paid off and here I am in Delta 1040 miles later and 491 miles in the last 4 days and feeling far better than I expected. This is all good news for me, but others are not as fortunate. My good friend, Mark, called a bit ago with news about his last scan. His cancer has not been controlled and he needs to start another series of treatments. This sucks worse than a 40 MPH side wind coming out of Ely. Our prayers are with you Mark and hopes that the treatments will work this time and you find the wind at your back. One thing you can count on is that we all have your back!

Please, give someone with cancer a call, or take them some flowers or a ride or cookies. I remember some special friends bringing me cookies and home made candy – what a treat – what a memory. Go give someone good memories.


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  1. Deb McKee says:

    What you all are doing is truly amazing. Anyone who has suffered with cancer and any caregiver knows the value of love and support from family, friends and the community. Special thanks to Darcie, Denise and Lisa this year from Mike and Deb McKee. You guys are super!

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