Day 4 – Sacramento Pass

imageDay 4.  The most amazing and emotional day of all, by design.  The day starts with the riders climbing Sacramento Pass where we pause to honor the memory of those who have had cancer, those who survived, and those who did not, and those who are currently fighting.

The list in Darcie’s back pocket grew substantially this year….which I personally found so heartbreaking.  So at this very special place we stopped, took some pics of Darcie with some signs we made for some, wrote some names on the highway for others.  I read each name on that list 61 total, and of course, shed a bunch of tears.

This is the day that makes this entire ride.  The reason we were there.  The reason that they endured the wind, the crash, the butt ache…..all comes down to this moment – their reason to ride.

This ride is not about being on a bike, it’s not about who gets to the top first, it’s about why this group of people chose to take a week off work, pay their own way, and raise money for a cause.  They chose to do SOMETHING.  None of us will be the ones to find a cure, or find better tolerated treatments, but what we can do is SOMETHING!  Maybe your SOMETHING today is to call someone who needs your shoulder for a minute.  Maybe you can take a treat to someone who is suffering, or  book, or a Coke….SOMETHING!

Deb, Brent, Dixie, Tara – I know your families are in the middle of this battle, for some of you this is the second time.  Know that you were in our thoughts and that there is a group of bikers trying to do SOMETHING!

Now for the rest of you….one last push for SOMETHING…..if you haven’t donated yet, go to Darcie’s rider page, and at the bottom is the link to her donation page for Huntsman Cancer.

Before I left home I created this 4 1/2 minute video that shows the names that Darcie is riding for this week.  This is why she rides….this is why I follow her at 20 mph across the Nevada desert, and why we will both be back next year to do it all over again!  Click here to see the video In memory

When I got out of my car at the top of the pass, this was on the side of the rode, all by itself growing out of the rocks….seems appropriate to place here.   image

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2 Responses to Day 4 – Sacramento Pass

  1. Dixie Minor says:

    I’ve followed the blogs, checked Facebook, and passed the word along to family and friends. You all are incredibly inspirational!! Thank you for all you do to support such a great cause and thank you for having my gram in your hearts for this ride. She completed another round of treatment today and all went well. :) Love you guys. Be safe as you complete the last leg of your journey tomorrow.

  2. Deb McKee says:

    Thank you Denise. I am so grateful to call you guys friends.

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