Day 3 Eureka to base of Sacramento Pass

Day 3, check – made it!  Things are getting better each day, in spite of the weather which was not very friendly today.  But then it’s last memories that count.  A 10 mile fast descent off Connor followed by another 10 miles with a very nice tail wind at our back at the end of the day erased the horrible head winds on other descents and side winds that at times was so strong that it spread the group across the road like chaff in the wind.  My legs are feeling a little better each day.  I can spin faster with my left leg to day than yesterday and my limping is getting better, maybe this fast-track re-hab works.  I still have to work on getting on and off the bike – it’s not pretty.  I did not push too hard most of the day and found myself working harder on the down hills than on the ups, mostly because of the wind or trying foolishly to keep up with the big down hill guns, Jason, Brian, Todd, Mike and Ravell.  I enjoyed spending time with Jeff today.  We road together on most of the climbs and for more than a few miles with him tucked in at my side to get out of as much wind as possible, an effort that was often futile because of the strong shifting winds.

What a fun group to be out with through thick and thin through ups and downs.  Everyone seems to have a strength that can help and a weakness that needs help.  Someone who is strong at one time may need help another – this brings us all together as a group.  It was good seeing Jason improving from his little mishap.  Fresh bandages and he will be ready to go again tomorrow. He is a real pro!

And the support staff were spectacular today – so many happy faces, helping hands and ringing bells. I had cold water bottles handed up to me just when I needed them and when we pulled in for lunch there was Vicky with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a smile saying “I know this is just what you need.”  Now I don’t want Rich to be out of sorts, but I did notice I got served before him! It was great as I didn’t have to suffer through a McDonalds happy meal!

Did you do something nice for someone struggling with cancer yesterday – if not tomorrow will work just fine.  I thank those who did something nice for me today!_N3O7520

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  1. Don Leslie says:

    Larry, keep it up. Glad to hear that you’re doing as well with such little preparation time. Sorry on the head winds.

    Stay strong today. As you know, Day 4 can be rough, but keep up the great work!

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