Day 2, Eureka!!

We are here in Eureka, NV after a great day on the road.  Weather and wind were both pretty moderate today.  For several miles we enjoyed a slight tailwind on a very smooth straight road, where we were actually able to chat with each other along the way.  I was able to get to know some of the guys who are new to the ride a bit better.  This truly is a group of kindhearted and genuinely caring people who would give or do anything if someone, part of our ride this week or not, needed anything.

A couple of times along the road we have seen a couple of young guys on bikes doing loaded touring and I think all of us are in complete awe at what they are doing.  They too are giving their time and support to an ambition larger than just their own only they are doing it by carrying a ton of stuff on their bikes in addition to riding the same routes we are.  We were fortunate to cross paths with them at the top of the climb in Austin and shared some time and some lunch with them.  Visiting with them put things in a different perspective for me.  If I take a look at what they are doing, it makes riding with only a few snacks in my pocket seem like it should be easy.

Same thing when I think about people who are fighting cancer.  I have regular old average every day struggles just like everyone else but they seem to pale in comparison to fighting a life altering disease like cancer.  I am so fortunate that I have the ability to do this ride.  Today I rode, and tomorrow I will ride again for the people on my list who aren’t able to ride for themselves.

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  1. Lisa Molle says:

    Sending loads of cheers, encouragement and hugs from the sidelines!!!!


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