Dan Sellers

What a Day! What a fantastic group to share this experience with! We rode out of the chute today uphill to the top of Sacramento Pass. It is on this..now almost sacred…summit that we pause to remember specifically some of the many individuals we ride for…..present, fighting the Monster, and passed. There were nearly a hundred names chalked onto the road; names of loved ones, friends, family, wives, mothers, siblings, children. As i looked around i saw those riding this ride and giving support who themselves are survivors or still suffering from Cancer. They know only too well the dread of the diagnosis, the pain and emotional toll of the treatment, and the incredible importance of the RESEARCH needed to defeat the Monster.
The daughter in law of one of the riders is now battling Melanoma. Her stage is advanced. But already, since the time of my Son-in-law’s passing from Melanoma the treatments have improved to be able to give her time and hope unprecedented before.
Again, if Cancer hasn’t affected you yet, IT WILL.
What a tender after-dinner sharing of feelings was had this evening. Hearts were opened; tears were shed; bonds forged on the road were strengthened. We have become family.
To Kathy, Joyce, Bev, Alan, Kathy, Marene, Marci, Deanna, Julie, Patricia, Tracey, Marian….and SO many more…..and those that lost their battles: Bryce, Mike, Gene, and….. you were in my thoughts and heart today on that Summit. I carry your names with me on the ride.
Again, we are all in this together, and we must win the battle together. h140.kintera.org; enter Dan Sellers; contribute to the CAUSE as you are moved to do so. THANKS

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  1. Todd Handy says:

    Dan, you’re an incredible man. Thank you and Marian for your friendship, support and kind words.

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