Day 2 Cold Springs to Eureka, Nevada

3X6Z0686Nice day for a ride with my little Huntsman Teddy Bear! A little side wind, some tail winds, clouds to block the sun, a little sprinkle and we get into Eureka early only to find the power turned off and have to wait for dinner. When the power came back on we were the first through the door – bad mistake – an hour and 45 mins. later we finally got our food, after several others had been served, eaten and left. Oh, well – the food was good.

I had a fairly easy day and the weather helped. I only pushed hard on parts of a couple of climbs and spent most of the time ‘setting in’. The one big climb of the day out of Austin I road with Jason at a moderate pace. When I did have to do a little work on the front it was down hill and with a tail wind. Pretty easy work load. So thanks to everyone for pulling me along. The legs are feeling pretty good, no stiffness or soreness to speak of. Only problem is the left leg complains at high cadence and is not nearly as strong as the right. I also had a slight scare on a descent as I picked up a little piece of wire and my front tire went flat at about 45 MPH on a twisting descent. Fortunately, I noticed a little mushieness on a bend and immediately got on the brakes. By the time I got safely stopped the tire was flat. Rolling a front tire off the rim at high speed on a corner is not a wise choice.

Much thanks to all the support staff. When we stopped for lunch, sandwiches, cookies, drinks and home made banana bread (thanks Vicky) were handed out with smiles.

Speaking of Jason, he is my hero for the day – and I’m sure no one will disagree. He looks a little like he has a bit part in a cheep zombie movie with bandages on his arms and legs, but yet he road every mile and got stronger as the day went on. He was clearly hurting, but on he went!
My mind also went several times to my brother-in-law, Lary who has prostrate cancer that got away and is now in his bones. He has just started a cancer treatment where they remove the white blood cells, treat them chemically, return them to the blood stream and hope they are activated to search out and destroy cancer cells. It’s not a cure, but if it works will extend life. It is not hard to imagine the stress these treatments bring to the individual and the family.

Bake a batch of cookies and take them to someone struggling with cancer – make their day!

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2 Responses to Day 2 Cold Springs to Eureka, Nevada

  1. Don Leslie says:

    Glad you didn’t crash on the descent. I hear you were going close to 50mph when that happened. Be safe out there and keep it up!

  2. Mike Nelson says:

    You are awesome!!! Take care of Jeff and Joe. Glad the legs are good!

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