My left leg – Steve Kelly

Needed a way to keep track of the five big climbs and also to remember why we do this ride. We are here to raise money and awareness for cancer research so others don’t have to battle this dreaded disease.

Climb #1 – Matt – I rode up Pinto Summit with Matt “Bronco” Bradley on my mind – thought it appropriate. Matt lived a huge life, beat his sarcoma, rode like a fiend and yet recently passed away after a freak accident. He is always in my thoughts and I knew he would have kicked my butt on this climb.

Climb #2 – Betsy – my Mom, a breast cancer survivor who showed me what tremendous strength she had when she kicked cancer’s butt. Thought she would have like to join us on our climb up Pancake Summit since pancakes were a Kelly family favorite for breakfast.

Climb #3 – Tom – my father-in-law who not only beat prostate cancer but also founded a forum for men afflicted by the disease so they could get the latest advances and trade hard earned lessons. He was with me on the climb up Little Antelope Summit – he is “deer” to me.

Climb #4 – Bill – my brother-in-law is also a prostate cancer survivor. We are so glad he found it early, got treatment and recovered so we can have him around for many years to come. He would have enjoyed the views from Robinson Summit.

Climb #5 – Robin – Robin Roberts the ABC Good Morning America anchor who bravely showed the nation how she battled and beat breast cancer. Recently she found that she will have to fight again so I wanted her to know that we were thinking of her. Her Dad was a Tuskegee Airman in WWII so I wrote him in to pay tribute in hopes of “flying” down the back side of Connors Pass. Last year’s strong tailwind pushed us into the upper 50 mph range but this year’s crosswinds slowed us down to the upper 40s.

My best – Steve

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  1. Kristin Petersen says:

    Love the tribute to 5 very special people! Ironically, I have been walking around with Matt’s name written on my right calf all week. I look forward to riding in with you on Saturday!
    Stay Safe,
    Kristin Petersen

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