In Delta – at last!

Finally we are all here in Delta!!  Instead of multiple hills to climb today, we had just a few climbs and then miles and miles  of very long straight roads with lots of gradually rolling hills.  I think everyone in the group would agree that there were tough times in each day’s ride, but by dinner time we were all refreshed, happy, and optimistic about the next day’s ride.  The same happened today – we were all way beyond hot and tired by the time we arrived in Delta but by the time we met for dinner everyone was smiling again.

About 5 miles into today’s ride we arrived at the summit of Sacramento Pass where we each took the time to pay tribute to those who have been afflicted by cancer.  A very emotional time for everyone.  This moment, and probably the last mile of our ride up to Hunstman on Saturday will likely be the most memorable times for me, out of all the hours we will have spent on our bikes this week.

I absolutely have to say thank you to everyone in the group today – riders and support crew.  Throughout every mile the guys made sure I was in a protected place in the pack and each time I passed a support car there were cheers of encouragement.  I was thinking….if there are people who get cancer who have to choose invasive surgery that sometimes includes removing parts of their bodies and taking drugs that may do good now but be harmful later in life, then I can choose to ride a few more miles.   Thank you so much to my friends and family who have donated to Hunstman Cancer on my behalf during this ride!!  Your comments on the site here and txt’s on my phone have fueled me this week!  Thank you for supporting me on this incredible journey.

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  1. Amy V says:

    What an amazing job you are doing. I am proud to have you as my friend. Thank you for bringing those close to me who have had cancer with you. Wishes for anothing awesome day.

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