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Huntsman 140 – Saturday 16 June – was a great day!!!

I am having difficulty importing pictures – I am sure it is operator error – so you can see the pictures at skzimmer.blogspot.com. I don’t get a penny for you going there so don’t think I am redirecting you for money – if I could do that it would go to Huntsman anyway. I am redirecting so you can see the pictures if you want.

I told Jeff on Saturday how proud I am of him. He has shown that one man really can impact our society. His Ride to Reno eleven years ago has morphed to be truly remarkable on many levels; money raised, awareness gained, lives affected – truly remarkable. We are honored that he allows Holly and I to tag along on the Reno trips and the H140. Living in Utah we are displaced from our “real” families so the week we spend with our fellow riders and supporters is as close to spending time with family as we can experience. You all have welcomed us, protected us, shared with us and gifted to us an experience we treasure forever. Thank you Jeff, Janet and Josh for beginning a tradition that has grown to include so many of us – we are better for it.
Our best wishes,

Steve and Holly

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