Day 5 Recovery Day

This morning was interesting. First of all I slept in until 7:30 am, a rarity even for me at home on a regular weekend. After eating breakfast with my wife Sarah, who has been supporting all week, I came back for a massage. Oh what a treat this was. I wish I would have signed up for 2 hours of Margaret and those magical hands.

Unlike last year I did get in a “recovery” ride, a nice 12 mile ride with a 16 mph average. As luck would have it, Jeff, Ravell, Larry and I all went to enjoy some tasty shakes next door at the Delta Freeze (a few hours later I went back and had another)

Today I’ve been reflecting a lot on this past week. After tomorrow’s H-140 I’ll be heading home to Washington and I’ll miss the camaraderie that we have within this group and within the supporters as well. I know it’s already been said but I felt much safer this year on the highway with the way the support group coordinated within themselves.

To be a part of Jeff’s life as well as Joe, Jason, Larry, Ravell, Steve, Zo, Todd, Darci and Dan was such a life changing event for me. Thanks to all of you and I can’t wait until next year.  By the way, Jason if I was someone that cried now would be that time.


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