Day 3 – Jeff Warren

It doesn’t seem possible but Day-3 is in the bag! We left Eureka early this morning and the wind was already blowing pretty hard. We climbed Pinto Pass and had a fantastic descent! It was so much fun to fly down the other side of the climb . . . and that was today: Climb to a summit, descend the other side, cross a valley, and repeat. 5-times. The highest point on today’s little adventure was Connor’s Pass at 7,720′.

The biggest obstacle we had to overcome today was the wind, which at times was vicious. The kind of vicious wind that could blow a cyclist over or, cause a cyclist to lose control of his/her bike on a high-speed descent. When we checked into our hotel in Ely, Nevada, tonight they had today’s weather still posted and it called for wind gusts to 49-mph. I know from personal experience the wind was blowing faster than that today. And it did take a toll on everyone. I can say that I’m totally exhausted.

But, I’ll get a good night’s rest and wake-up tomorrow ready to roll. Which many folks cannot do, even though they may want to. And that’s why we’re out here doing what we’re doing. We’re doing this ride to raise funds for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute where I did my own treatment. If we’re expecting the government to find better tolerated, less toxic treatments for cancer, or to find cures for the >200 types of this damnable disease, I can only assume we’re smoking tons of crack! The government isn’t nearly as involved in this battle as they should be. And, we won’t wake-up some morning to read a headline like “Jonas Salk Discovers Cure for Polio”. It just won’t happen. It’s up to us, each of us individually, to be active participants in funding the research that will spare us, and members of our families, from what can only be called ‘draconian’ treatment. The medical community will always call it surgery/radiation/chemo but, when it’s you or someone you love, it’s personal. Then it’s slash/burn/poison . . . a much more accurate description of today’s treatment options.

It’s a simple fact that 1 out of 3 women will battle cancer in their lifetime. The statistic is even more alarming for men: 1 out of 2. So, if you haven’t already contributed, go to and make a generous donation. The research you support will ultimately benefit you or a member of your family. Please don’t wait for someone to do it for you . . . be an active participant in finding those better tolerated, less toxic treatments for cancer. And, ultimately cures for the >200 types of this damnable disease.

Off the soapbox.

Thank you for checking-in. Please do so often. And leave your comments and encouragement for us to read. We love to hear from each of you.

Today has been a great day to be alive!


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  1. Lori Chidester says:

    Your blog entries are so inspiring. I’m looking forward to Saturday. Your team is amazing!!

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