Day 2 – Jeff

OK, my wife and kids busted my chops tonight because I didn’t blog yesterday. Truth is, I was totally cooked by the time we got to our motel in Fallon.  We got in 135 miles yesterday and 120 today and are in Eureka, Nevada, tonight.

I’m with the most incredible group of people imaginable, all focused on the core purpose of this ride.  Truth be told, this ride isn’t about raising awareness of cancer.  For heaven’s sake, everyone knows what a scourge cancer is. We don’t need to tell anyone cancer is bad.  Or that cancer kills. Or that cancer maims.  We’re beyond all that fluffy crap.  The core purpose of this ride is to raise money . . . it’s about the Benjamin’s!  As crass as it sounds, that’s the bottomline.  Every penny we raise goes to research focused on cures for the >150 types of cancer and better-tolerated, less toxic treatments for this damnable disease.  And it’s up to us to find the keys to alleviating the suffering caused by cancer.  If we’re waiting for the government to do it for us, we must be using meth more than recreationally.  So it’s up to you and me.  Please support Huntsman Cancer Institute in this effort.

Everyone knows I’m a big baby . . . I cry watching AT&T commercials!  There, I’ve admitted it!  It’s out!  But I also have to admit that 10-miles into today’s ride I was overcome with emotion as I thought about each of the wonderful people who are with me.  Some who are battling cancer now, others who have survived the disease, and the rest who have had their lives impacted by the ravages of cancer.  I was overcome with emotion, but what I really felt was a feeling of deep gratitude to those who are accompanying me on this year’s ride.  I’m honored to be with each of my companions on ‘The Loneliest Road in America’.

I can’t wait to arrive back in Salt Lake City on Saturday. To see my sweetheart, my children and grandchildren.  They mean everything to me and I am so grateful to have been treated at Huntsman Cancer Institute, where I was restored to health, insuring I had more time to spend with my family.

More to follow tomorrow,which will be another long day in the saddle!


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2 Responses to Day 2 – Jeff

  1. Way to go!! I have been following the group’s progress closely, and couldn’t be more proud and humbled. It takes a great person to join or contribute to a cause, but it takes an INCREDIBLE person to to what you are all doing. From the riders to the support team to all of the donors, THANK YOU for killing cancer! Ride strong!

  2. Don Leslie says:

    Of course it’s hard to write, but look what you’ve started. You have people coming from out of state to ride this. Pretty amazing.

    Ride strong and smart. It will be a hilly day tomorrow. May the Wind Gods be on your side. See if anyone asks if it ever rains in Ely in June tomorrow. And then remind them of the day 3 years ago when it did.

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