Day One Photos Reno to Cold Station (then back to Fallon, NV) – 138 miles

Sorry to do this but I am running late so please visit    to see Holly’s photos from Day One.

More to follow – these guys are kicking butt!


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One Response to Day One Photos Reno to Cold Station (then back to Fallon, NV) – 138 miles

  1. Shirley Warren says:

    I was diagnosed with leukemia in December 2007, but it has not launched an attack. The oncologist says it may not attack, but just in case, my blood is tested quarterly. My mother had cancer three times, she had lung cancer when she died, and her sister died from cancer. My father had cancer, but he died from something else first. My father’s sister had cancer, and her daughter died from it. My mother-in-law died from cancer, as did her sister, and my daughter’s brother-in-law died from cancer after a more-than-valiant four-year battle.

    At the end of this list of (mostly) relatives who have had cancer is my eldest son who was diagnosed eleven years ago with stage IV head and neck cancer. He is a Cancer Survivor ten years now. I am more grateful than I can say for that. I can’t imagine life without him…don’t want to try it out.

    May our Heavenly Father bless each of you who are riding with Jeff this year–and in past years. You are generous, valiant, caring, noble and, maybe, a little crazy. :o) To those of you who are also survivors, I rejoice with you and your families. To those who are riding for a loved one or just because you care, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Your generous contributions of time, money, and suffering will result in other donations to help find “better tolerated, less toxic treatments for cancer.” And who knows? Maybe a cure. You are my hero’s. I love you all.

    Jeff’s mom

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