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Days 4 & 5 – We Made It (With Your Help!)

I didn’t blog Day 4, ~40-miles east of Ely, NV, to Delta, Utah, so I’ll start there. Day 4 is, for some reason, the most difficult of the entire Ride From Reno event. It’s also the shortest in mileage at … Continue reading

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Day 3 – Eureka, NV, to 40-Miles East of Ely

First and foremost I have to thank Larry Peterson for his help and companionship throughout the day today. Larry is an amazing friend who also happens to be an incredible cyclist. Freak of nature would be more appropriate. Larry stayed … Continue reading

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Day 2 – Snow, Cold, & Wind!

This was without a doubt the toughest day I’ve had on the bike. The first 53-miles were particularly difficult. Along those first 53-miles we encountered snow, cold, and interminable wind. This is not a spin around the neighborhood or to … Continue reading

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Day 1 Is Done! And, No Crashes!

OK, I admit it . . . I’m getting old. More appropriately, older! How do I know this is happening? Because it is getting harder and harder to leave my family behind at the Arch in downtown Reno. It’s gotten … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Seem Possible That We’re About To Begin Again!

No, it really doesn’t seem possible! A full year has passed since we last turned the cranks on our bikes to end, with an exclamation point, the 2013 Ride From Reno. Yet, here we are again and so much has … Continue reading

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Epilogue – Jeff Warren

A week has passed since the 2013 Ride From Reno and Huntsman 140 ended and I’ve been thinking about both events ever since we crossed the finish-line at Huntsman Cancer Institute on Saturday, June 15th. In a way it was … Continue reading

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Day 3 – Jeff Warren

It doesn’t seem possible but Day-3 is in the bag! We left Eureka early this morning and the wind was already blowing pretty hard. We climbed Pinto Pass and had a fantastic descent! It was so much fun to fly … Continue reading

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Day – 2

For those of you who were waiting for me to post on Monday, please accept my apologies! Thank heaven for Denise Martinsen, our webmaster, who gave me explicit instructions on how to get into the system today. As hard as … Continue reading

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